Impact 360 Content Producer™ Version 11.1 SP1 Is Now Available

What’s new in Impact 360 Content Producer Version 11.1 SP1

·         Flash Player VersionSupports Flash Player 10.x and earlier (Supports Action Script 2.0).

What’s new in Impact 360 Content Producer Version 111.1 SP1

·         Question-level TrackingYou can report by question as well as by student on each question.

·         SCORM 2004Content can be authored using SCORM 2004 protocol as well as ACSI.

·         Edit Audio And Video for ContentA video along with the corresponding audio can now be extracted as screenshots and used when creating an eLearning clip.

·         Bookmarks and Resuming by StudentsThese features are now supported in Content Producer lessons. Lessons must be published in either AICC or SCORM 2004 to take advantage of this feature.

·         Enterprise LicensePrior to Version 11, Content Producer was licensed on a per-developer basis. In Version 11, this has been modified to an enterprise license. Customers who are on maintenance can take full advantage of this change in licensing and can now install Content Producer on multiple desktops across their enterprise.

Impact 360 Content Producer — Not just for the Contact Center

Impact 360 Content Producer enables you to quickly create learning modules from recorded interactions and then deliver them to each agent’s desktop, using Verint’s learning management system. It’s a useful way to create entire courses for your contact center employees—but why stop there?

With the changes to the licensing, more people in your organization can now create more content, from short and simple how-to clips to a full curriculum course, so get busy producing!

Here are a couple of other innovative ways that Content Producer can benefit your entire organization:

·         Better Communication — Communication is one of the most important things in any organization. Important information can be quickly created in Content Producer, sent to employees, and then followed up with testing to measure retention.

·         New Hire Preparation — Follow one UK company’s example and use Content Producer to get newly hired team members up to speed before they even report for their first day of work! Using Content Producer, the company exports self-contained executable training clips, places them on CD-ROMs, and then sends them to their new hires.

·         Product Demonstrations — Did you know that you can use Content Producer to create product demonstrations?  You can even record a narration after you’ve captured your slides or other visual content. It can’t get much easier (or more affordable) than that!

To create a product demonstration using Content Producer Author, select the Create Project option and:

1.          Specify a screen size.

2.          Choose how you want to capture content (automatically with every mouse click or with a key stroke). If you opt to capture screens automatically, Content Producer captures them as you navigate through your application.

3.          Define the application from which to capture screens.


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